Indigenous Knowledges and Sustainable Pasts/Futures

Indigenous Knowledges and Sustainable Pasts/Futures: Works in Progress Reading and Discussion

Join us Wednesday, August 29, from 6-8 pm
The Rialto Light Box in Downtown Bozeman

Mountain Time Arts is partnering with the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research (Boston, MA) to host Indigenous Knowledges and Sustainable Pasts/Futures. The project convenes a writers and artists residency for 5 distinguished Indigenous and Latinx scholars over a 7-day period in Bozeman, Montana from August 24–30, 2018. The residency will be co-facilitated by writers and artists Dr. Dalida Maria Benfield and Bently Spang. The themes of the work to be produced cut across theoretical and historical genres, and include propositions for de-colonial narratives, ethical aesthetics and speculative histories at this critical time of climate transformation.

Indigenous and Latinx Scholars and Artists:   Dr. Dalida Maria Benfield, Bently Spang, Nancy Deleary, Thomas Michael Swensen and Jodi Rave Spotted Bear  

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