Photo by Ben Lloyd, FLOW projections on Story Mill Silos, Mountain Time Arts | Bozeman, Montana
Photo by Ben Lloyd, FLOW projections on Story Mill Silos

Mountain Time Arts formed to illuminate the cultural and natural environment of Montana’s Gallatin Valley.  We are dedicated to interpreting potent sites in the landscape in terms of our deep history and vital present, and to inspiring our community to imagine a sustainable future. We believe in collaborative processes, in engaging diverse audiences, and in moving minds.

WaterWorks 2017

A summer long series of temporary public artworks about water in the Gallatin Valley. Learn more.

UPSTREAM Main Street, Downtown Bozeman, Montana, June 16-30, 2017


Main Street, Downtown Bozeman, MT

June 16-30, 2017

11 artists and designers will create installations in storefront windows on Main Street in downtown Bozeman, MT.  These artists and designers are teamed with conservationists and scientists to produce exciting new artworks.  The 11 UPSTREAM installations promise to inspire the pedestrians who travel Main Street to think about their relationship to water. Learn more.




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Mountain Time Art’s pilot public art project, FLOW, lit up Bozeman’s Story Mill for 2 nights in August. Over 500 people convened by foot, bike and shuttle and sat on the iconic 19th-20th C industrial site to experience a large-scale video and sound installation projected on 3 mill buildings. Moving images were a montage of valley scenes, animated historic photos and filmed local residents, including voices and original music on the theme of water, life and industry from the time of the first peoples to the present. On the second night, nature put on a show of a gathering storm with flashing lights, rumbles, and gusty wind. Behind the ‘screens,’ the serendipity of weather phenomena enhanced the engaging site-specific work, so that art, technology and nature were partners in a memorable production.