Resource List


Montana Climate Assessment

MCA: Executive Summary

Water Use and Conservation

Water Conservation in Your Home: City of Bozeman

Water Rights 101: State of Montana, DNRC Water Rights Bureau, County Planning and Zoning: Gallatin County

Water Quality and Public Health in Gallatin County: Healthy Gallatin

Protecting Local Water Quality: Gallatin Local Water Quality District

Watershed Education and Action: Greater Gallatin Watershed Council, Gallatin River Task Force

Stream Permitting and Grants: Gallatin Conservation District

Problem Solving and Fact Sheets: Montana State University Extension

Statewide Collaboration: Montana Watershed Coordination Council

Montana State Water Plan: Montana DNRC

Fish Species and Permits: Montana Fish and Wildlife Parks Region 3

Federal Water Research and Monitoring: U.S. Geological Survey


Support for Agricultural Water Users: Association of Gallatin Agriucultural Irrigators

Local Produce in Schools: Gallatin Valley Farm to School

Ag Facts: Montana Department of Agriculture

Support for Grain Growers: Montana Grain Growers Association

Support for Livestock Producers: Montana Stock Growers Association

Federal Support and Information for Producers: Montana United States of Agriculture


‘What Is A Wetland?’ video: Montana State University Extension

Landowners Guide to Montana Wetlands: Montana Water Course

Wetlands Grants and Publications: Montana Wetlands Council

Wetlands Field Guides and Maps: Montana Natural Herritage Program