We produce bold, engaging public art.


Our Mission

Mountain Time Arts produces inventive public art projects that enliven our relationships to the history, culture and environment of the Rocky Mountain West.

We cultivate relationships between artists, scholars and community members to conduct research and produce artworks about critical issues in Southwest Montana. MTA is committed to social and environmental justice. We understand collaborative and inclusive inquiry as a means to generate new knowledge and work toward solutions for all. MTA participants share perspectives and build a culture of engagement and transformation, leading us to a resilient community.

Our Vision
Art and our environment are core and integrated with the other dimensions of health, resilience, and vitality that people seek.


The projects of the WaterWorks Series (2016-2018) have engaged internationally-known artists along with hundreds of local participants including ranchers, environmentalists, scientists, Native American scholars and local politicians to learn about our region’s complex water systems and, more importantly, open critical conversations with each other.  We believe that art can help people understand and care about the science and culture of climate change.

“(The events) were so memorable. They filled all my senses, my mind, my soul and heart. Well done!” — WaterWorks 2017 Attendee