July 2018
Gallatin Valley, Montana
Paradise Valley, Montana


July 18 & 19, 2018: East Gallatin River, Gallatin Valley
July 20 & 21, 2018: Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, Emigrant, MT


Four nights. Two locations. Fifty performers.

The Symphonic Body / Water was a performance made entirely of gestures. Fifty people from the Gallatin Valley shared their lives and work. They opened their offices, barns, backyards, and fields for observed meetings, shared meals, and swim practice as they talked about water, work, and everyday life. We built gestural “portraits” together, the individual movements that make up the rich tapestry of this orchestral work.

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Performers from the Gallatin Valley

Dotty Ballantyne, Environmentalist
Madison Boone, Water Scientist
Jennifer Boyer, Goat Farmer
Sarah Budeski, African Dance Group, Water Enthusiast
Emma Christie, Bozeman Stingray Synchronized Swimmer
Iris Chu, Bozeman Stingray Synchronized Swimmer
Megan Cirullo, Gardener
Billy Cirullo, Photographer
Kevin Curley, Waterbird
Kylee Curley, High School Student
Angela Davis, Big Sky Watershed Corps Member
Melissa Dawn, Storyteller
Audree Deputy, Crow, Apsáalooke, Student
Florence Doyle, Student, Musical Theater Performer
Harley Emmons, Bozeman Stingray Synchronized Swimmer
Casey Figueroa, Artist, Water is Life
Bobbi Geise, Playspace Designer, Educator
Shakira Glenn, Crow No DAPL Student
Tia Goebel, MSU Grad, MTA Admin Assistant
Paul Gomez, Dancer, Circus Performer
Sue Higgins, Facilitator, Water Planner
K’lei Jefferson, Crow, Apsáalooke
Kalyssa Jefferson, Crow, Apsáalooke
Suzann Kienast-Brown, Soil Scientist, Dancer
Nicole Left Hand, Nursing Apsáalooke Student
Kendall Levinson, African Dance Group, Water Enthusiast


Chris Mehl, Deputy Mayor
Isabelle Mills, Bozeman Stingray Synchronized Swimmer
Marji Mills, Performing Childhood Memories
Ellie Nolan, African Dance Group, Water Enthusiast
Michael O’Reilly, Performance Artist
Meryl Pawlick, Dancer, BHS Senior
Penelope Pierce, Community Conservationist
Leroy Pine, MSU Student, DAPL Protester
William Pine, Mni Wiconi, 5th grade student, DAPL Protester
Delroy Pine, Mni Wiconi, 7th grade student, DAPL Protester
Pam Poon, Mediator
Marilyn Raffensperger, Former Professional Dancer, MSU Instructor, College of Business
Jennifer Rockne, Business Consultant
LaRae Sales, Shepardess
Joaquin Small-Rodriguez, Mni Wiconi, Northern Cheyenne
Lorca Smetana, Farmer, Teacher
Rabbi Ed Staffman, Rabbi, Works with Divine Flow
Frank Stewart, Culinary Services, Apsáalooke
Delano Falls Down, Crow, Apsáalooke
Joshua Stewart, Crow, Apsáalooke
Sariah Stewart, Crow, Apsáalooke, Student
Elly Stormer-Vadseth, Dancer, Videographer, Assistant Choreographer
Carson Taylor, Ex-Mayor, Water Planner
Ursula Vlases, 8th Grade Student-Athlete
Ruby Walunis, Bozeman Stingray Synchronized Swimmer

Mni Wiconi = Lakota for ‘Water is Life’
DAPL = Dakota Access Pipeline


The Symphonic Body/Water

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